CALPAK's focus is on advancing and aiding the primary education system in Sindh in order to lay a solid educational foundation for basic education in Pakistan. We seek to further student success through a partnership between US and Pakistani educators and educational management experts. Specifically, we seek to implement education that will prepare Pakistani students to compete as global citizens. 




As a part of CALPAK's efforts towards contributing to the overall educational development of Sindh, we have pursued the Adopt-A-School Program of the 'Department of Education & Literacy' and adopted government schools in the most underserved areas of urban and rural Sindh.

Our goal in the adopted schools are aligned with our mission to provide girls an opportunity to learn. Once adopted, we implement our School Improvement Plan developed by our team of educational experts from California and Pakistan using the most effective ways to increase fluency and achievement. Our management team in Pakistan, implements the plan to improve overall academic and educational management enhancements.

Qurtaba Primary School, was our first pilot project and its success has shown us that commitment and perseverance, coupled with training improves staff effectiveness. Through the program, in collaboration with government teachers and our own teachers and administrative staff, we provide quality education to students enrolled in Sindh schools. Our model is based on a school-community-administration model; all three components must be working together for student success. Our model and strategies have helped build trusting relationships with staff, students, the parents and the community. Additionally we provide training to teachers and staff to increase the competency of the teachers by training them in the latest methodology and philosophies in education. 

We have recently adopted a new school in Tharparkar via the CALPAK-CSU Collaboration where we are implementing the same practices.

We have implemented a STEAM and STEM program with our partners, the exceptionally talented in-house artist from Laguna Beach California, Christiana Lewis and our staff. Our ART4Miracles program is incorporated in teaching lessons. This year will be working with EdLabs to provide management training and teacher training courses. Our environment cultivates a lifelong love of learning through arts, music, reading, drama and sports so that our youth get the all-round education that will make them productive citizens of Pakistan.

 Through our professional development program and our public-private partnerships, we will also increase the math and reading competencies of the students, which forms the foundation of all learning. Through our partners, we will provide tutoring, civic training, leadership, and volunteerism training to enhance student self-esteem. 

  Every dollar you donate, goes to the school and the children.   



Distance learning in pakistan


Online Education

One of CALPAK's goals is to promote higher education opportunities in Pakistan. Our partnership with California Southern University, a fully accredited online US University with certificate and degree course that meet the needs of the Pakistani students, but at a fraction of the cost, fulfills our goal to promote higher education.  


US and Local University Partnerships

 California Southern University and CALPAK recently collaborated on a blended educational course with Iqra University. The course, the first of its kind, enabled US and Pakistani educators to engage in collaborative learning in this blended course.    Through the CalSouthern-CALPAK Collaboration, we bring to students, unique distance learning opportunities in Pakistan. 



California Southern University offers distance learning in Pakistan by providing online degree and certificate courses that are fully accredited in the US are affordable and accessible to students in Pakistan. 

For more information about CalSouthern's graduate and doctoral programs, visit the website.