CALPAK helps girls stay in school by increasing the enrollment of girls in public schools. CALPAK fights for girl's rights, and women's empowerment through education and advocacy. We choose schools in the most impoverished and underserved areas of Pakistan, such as Tharparkar and provide:

  •  basic primary education
  •  promote higher education opportunities for girls in Pakistan through online education
  •  provide education consulting and advisory services to public schools ​

CALPAK also focuses on advancing partnerships between US Universities and Pakistani higher education institute and this arm of our organization encourages both course-sharing through online education and scholarships for outstanding students. Our collaboration with California Southern University has allowed us not only to offer distance learning courses in Pakistan but also adopt schools in Tharparkar.

Our participation in the adopt-a-school program is aimed at guiding instruction and managing primary schools in Sindh. Our success with other school projects have led to innovation and great improvements in student and teacher outputs. One of our urban schools experienced great success after we introduced the literacy intervention program. Our intervention program increases fluency and comprehension through one-on-one mentorship and help. Four of the the first top ten positions went to our students. 

CALPAK is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Every dollar or rupee donated, goes to our children and schools. 

Our Story

CALPAK is a labor of love.


CALPAK's CEO, Anila Ali, visited a government school in a slum in Karachi’s posh area of Clifton. 

When I entered the colony, I saw filth- heaps and mounds of filth everywhere. The streets had pools of stagnating water in which little children were splashing and playing when they should have been in school.  Upon entering Qurtaba public school with my team of educators, we saw an empty building with a few boys serving biryani to the teachers, and a few girls sweeping the school floors. Desks, chairs, windows were all broken. Just then, the little girl who was sweeping, ran up to me and asked me if I was a teacher.

“Are you going to teach us, Aunty?” 

I told her I was a teacher but I teach in America.

“Aunty,” she grabbed my arm, “please, please don’t go. The headmaster beats us and watches us in the bathrooms. He even beats the boys.” 

That was the moment, I made a promise to the little girl.

Qurtaba Government School is the school we put our heart and soul into reforming. It was an impossible task; to get rid of the drug mafia, the corrupt and abusive administration, and turn the building into a school. This has been a journey of love- love for my birth country and for the little girls who secretly wish and pray people like us to make their dreams come true. 

Children who live in underserved communities such as Shireen Jinnah Colony, face even more barriers in education. The poor, impoverished, families do not have money for copies, uniforms and supplies. Sindh government schools are free, but the children have to pay for copies, supplies and uniforms. Families are responsible for paying for books, paper and clothing. With a monthly income of $100 dollars, how can a parent pay $30-40 for school supplies?! 

We believe that by educating girls and boys, we are investing in their future. Educating girls helps to stimulate the economic growth in these underserved communities and empowers an entire community and the generations to come. 




Our Voice

Our Board

Anastasia Selberis


 Vice-President of Global Relations
Vice-President, Global Perspective Institute
                California Southern University 

Anila Ali CALPAK Founder


 Pakistani-American Teacher, Author, Philanthropist, and Public Representative/ Official.


Susan Seely


 Director, Olive Tree Initiative at UCI;
Board Member, Women in Leadership;
Community Activist and Mentor. Educator and Administrator at the University of California Irvine with experience in international experiential education projects in the Middle East. 

Dr. Robila Asfhaq


 Dr. Robila Ashfaq is a family practice physician who passionately believes in equal opportunities for women in the work place.  

Saima Qasim CALPAK Co-Founder


 Philanthropist, IT Consultant and Project Management Expert. 

Fariha Khan CALPAK Co-Founder


 Philanthropist, Educator, Psychologist, expert in Childhood Education and Curriculum planning from London Montessori. 

Mahmood Mushtaq


  Philanthropist, retired Vice President Gulf Oil, now serving on the board of Texas A & M University, USA  

Dr. Johanna Solomon


 Educator in Political Science,
Conflict Resolution, and
Experiential Education

Dinah Frieden


 Dinah has served on community
boards for the Irvine Unified School
District/Budget Commission and the
Red Cross. Philanthropist. 

Iqbal Qasim


 Ex- Test Cricketer, Former EVP
of National Bank of Pakistan
and Philanthropist. 

Huma and Amir Adnan


 Famous Fashion Designers in
Pakistan and Philanthropists. 

Samina Qasim


 Educator, Teacher Trainer for
many NGOs and expert Curriculum Writer for primary school in Urdu, Islamiyat, and Pakistan History. She has written many workbooks and supplementary materials for children. Mrs. Qasim is presently teaching at Karachi Grammar School (KGS). 

Dr. Saba Alkhairy



Oculoplastic Surgeon and Assistant Professor in Dow International Medical College, Dow University Hospital. Active Researcher with several publications with more than 10 years of teaching experience.


Zuleikha Zar



Former Senior UN specialist for Women and Gender in the Asia Pacific region. Ex-Deputy Chief, Ministry of Labor, Pakistan.


Malka Iftikhar


 Philanthropist and advocate of
women's education. 

Our Partners




CALPAK's mission is to change lives- one child, one school at a time.  

By educating girls, we empower not only a family but an entire community. ​Our journey would not be possible without our generous partners, donors, and supporters.


The CalSouthern-CALPAK collaboration has worked over the past few years to provide distance learning opportunities to the youth of Pakistan.  CalSouthern’s sponsorship allowed CALPAK Education Services to adopt a school in the under-served community in Karachi and Tharparkar. The children can now go to school and learn in a safe environment. CalSouthern’s sponsorship provided them with 450 uniforms, shoes, socks, pencils, notebooks, desks and computers. The schools have adopted solar energy, as well as clean water for the children. For the first time, both schools have teachers assisting and teaching the students.

CalSouthern has had multiple collaborations in Pakistan. Earlier this year, CalSouthern collaborated with Iqra University to provide educational advice and a series of lectures on “Global Trends in Education: Leveraging Learning Technology for Better Student Engagement.” 

CalSouthern continues to seek and discuss partnerships with Universities. The impact of the CalSouthern-CALPAK collaboration continues to gain momentum in Pakistan. CalSouthern’s variety of 100% online degrees and certificates offer working professionals in Pakistan the flexibility to earn a US-accredited degree from home. 

As part of their commitment to providing quality, affordable, and online education in Pakistan, CalSouthern has awarded Scholarships to three faculty or staff in good standing with one of the schools adopted by CALPAK. The “Teaching and Learning Effectiveness” scholarships are designed to provide professional knowledge and teaching practice to educators in the rural areas of Pakistan. 

Read our stories from the villages of Tharparkar in Sindh and join the movement to educate and empower girls in Pakistan... 

"California Southern University proudly sponsors the CalPak Tharparkar Project 2019" 



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